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June 30, 2021   |  News

Tips for our Business Customers

Make sure your app is up to date!
Download the latest version of the mobile app to ensure you're getting the most from your smart business system.

News: Increase Privacy with Restricted Camera Access
Now you can regulate who can view live and recorded footage from specific cameras, increasing privacy and giving you more control of your video system. This new feature gives you the flexibility to allow camera access only as needed. While you may want your security team to have visibility into all cameras, you can restrict this for other employees.

Here's how to start using this feature today:
1. Log into the website.
2. Select User Access from the side menu.
3. Click Manage Logins.
4. Select the Login(s) that should have restricted access.
5. Check the permission Limited Device Access.
6. Check the Video Cameras option and select the camera(s) this login can access.
7. Click Save.

Tip: Smarter Access Control for Your Business
Whether you have a small team or hundreds of employees, Smarter Access Control allows you to manage multiple access plans, lock or unlock doors, and monitor activity at your business from anywhere.

Smarter Access Control integrates with your security system and makes it easy to manage permissions for all the access points to your business. Add, delete, or pause employee access, create and customize access schedules, lock and unlock your doors, and get alerts about access events- all from the mobile app.

Tip: Increased Awareness for a Safer Business
Are you taking advantage of System Event Notifications? These helpful alerts will keep you aware of important security and property management concerns.

Whether it's a power outage, a low battery in one of your devices, or an unsuccessful attempt to log in to your business account, System Event Notifications give you peace of mind, knowing that all aspects of your business are being monitored when you can't be there.

Tip: Control Your Business AND Your Home
Did you know that the smart security you depend on for your business is also available for your home - and that both can be controlled from a single login? Upgrade your home today and get peace of mind knowing all your properties are protected by All Safe Technologies.

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