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September 22, 2023   |  All Safe News

October 2023 Newsletter

What defines a GREAT Service Company?
In short, we believe it's receiving great value that consistently exceeds your expectations. Most companies understand this philosophy, but usually just a handful become well known for it. Historically, brand names such as Nordstrom, Ritz Carlton and Lexus have become synonymous with the term "great service", but only you can decide if it's worth paying on the higher end of the price spectrum.

So, it begs the question... Should I have to pay more to receive great service and how important is exceptional customer service if the product or solution meets my expectations?

An example that comes to mind are utility companies. How valuable is reliable and consistent electricity and clean water in our homes or businesses? Although it's always a plus, I'm confident great customer service from these utilities isn't part of the equation when moving into your home or opening a new facility. Most likely it's because you know it's required and have few, if any, options. On the other hand, and thankfully as consumers, you get to determine what's required and what's important behind a company that you choose to do business with. The obvious goal is to select one that understands your expectations and values the importance of providing a reliable product at an affordable price... WITH consistently great service.

It's clear as a customer of All Safe Technologies that you understand the importance of protecting your home or business from theft and fire. Security shouldn't be considered an option and among many other reasons, it is why insurance companies provide incentives through reduced rates. I felt it important to not only express our gratitude for trusting us with this responsibility, but to also provide some insight into what we believe sets us apart from others.

We understand the importance and impact that our products and services have in the prevention of crime and property damage.
Our entire staff genuinely cares about you as a customer and our community.
We continue to explore new innovative solutions that are affordable and enhance our customers safety and well-being.
Our internal culture embraces open communication with a common goal to continuously improve.
We take pride in our profession and in how we serve our customers.
Listening to you and operating our business accordingly.
Maintaining a business model that ensures stable careers for its people and their families.
Operating under the Golden Rule: "Treat people with the concern and kindness you would like them to show toward you".
It's certainly not getting any less expensive to maintain the same lifestyles we've become accustomed to from just a couple of years ago. Now more than ever, folks are looking for ways to ensure they receive value in what they invest and how they spend their hard-earned income.

We sincerely appreciate your business and will always strive to achieve and maintain the status of a GREAT Service Company in your eyes. Please always feel free to contact me directly if we ever fall short of your expectations.

Be Safe With All Safe.
Alain Jamet, Vice-President

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