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March 18, 2022   |  News

March 2022 Newsletter

With the blend of technology, social trends and increased crime rates, the use of security cameras has become mainstream and the norm in our society. Homeowners and business owners alike recognize the importance of utilizing video technology as part their everyday business and lifestyle.

The term "video surveillance" means someone is constantly monitoring cameras to address events as they occur, or more likely recording video to review images to help better understand (and possibly prove) actual details of an event... after it occurs.

The old saying of "a picture is worth a thousand words" still holds true, as it's always more effective than a mere verbal description.

Today's technology incorporates recording AND real-time notification using video analytics. The use of this technology has proven its value in unimaginable terms. You set the rules and the system does its job by notification and letting you see when something is not normal... right now.

Video verification for law enforcement while receiving an alarm signal at your premise can speed response and be instrumental to your family and the officer's safety. But this is just the beginning.

Our cameras now identify and incorporate the difference between people, animals, and vehicles. Would it be helpful to be notified and be able to see if a customer(s) is standing in line longer than usual, or notification when certain movement (or non-movement) of a person or vehicle enters an unauthorized area of your property, home, or business? Do you want to know and see when someone is coming into your driveway or parking lot, but not when exiting? How about being notified when you exceed a predetermined occupancy in a building or a particular area? This is just a small sampling of what many of our video systems are capable of... the possibilities are endless!

At All Safe Technologies, our job is to ensure all our current and prospective customers are informed on the most economical solutions available to meet their needs. Video is no longer only a security measure. It has now breached the ability to help manage your home and business even when not there. Our team of professionals' design integrated security, video and automation solutions that make this crazy world a little easier to navigate, all the while helping to provide a return on this very important investment.

As a customer of All Safe Technologies, it's very likely your current system can have many of these advanced capabilities with minimal modification. Check out our website at or please give us a call and ask us how to make it happen.

We recognize that without you, we would not exist. Our team appreciates serving you and are grateful for you and your business. As always, I love to hear from our customers whether it be via phone, in-person, or a business review.

Be Safe with All Safe.

Alain Jamet
Vice President

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