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June 20, 2022   |  All Safe News

June 2022 Newsletter

All Safe Technologies has been securing homes, businesses, and municipal facilities in Southern Mississippi since January 2000. In my opinion, although much has changed for the better over these years, we now find ourselves at a pivotal juncture pertaining to the heightened awareness of personal safety during public assembly, in retail environments, the workplace, and certainly not least... in our schools.

Yes, I'm aware of the many options on the table, but thought it best to focus on what we know and have been doing for over 2 decades... turning soft targets into hard targets. The standard security system provides an adequate level of peace of mind, while knowing it's also enough of a deterrent to steer a would-be bad guy in another direction. This being understood, we also live in the reality that many burglaries and intrusions that result in bodily harm are not always random.

My last newsletter covered some of the many uses of cameras from a security perspective and how they can also help operate a more efficient and profitable business. This time around, I wanted to focus on options to slow down the frequency of what's unfortunately resulting in mass injury and loss of life from someone who enters a building or facility with ill intent!

Access Control, On-Demand Door Lockdown and Early Detection solutions, in conjunction with intelligent video systems are extremely effective elements of a well-designed plan to help prevent unauthorized entry. Should an entry occur, most law enforcement agencies can have access to real-time video and make immediate informed decisions to de-escalate an issue. We must keep our employees, our children, and all occupants of our buildings safe and secure. To use a simple analogy, a smoke detector will detect smoke, but the suppression system helps slow or extinguish the blaze until the fire department arrives.

We are all sickened by these horrible tragedies and believe these solutions are necessary and not out of reach. As we continue to work with business owners and municipal facilities (including schools and other state or federally operated entities), our goal is to inform, educate and provide real solutions to the appropriate decision makers. Each associate at All Safe Technologies takes what we do seriously and knows they make a difference in our communities' safety. Please contact us if you would like someone to come out and provide a risk reduction assessment. We have solutions that range from securing and locking down one door to several hundreds. Of course, minimizing points of entry where possible is always a good place to begin.

On a much lighter note, please take a moment and check out some pictures of our team and their families enjoying a wonderful weekend day together. We believe that when we work hard... we also deserve to play hard.

On behalf of the entire All Safe team, I'd like to sincerely thank you for your business. We love what we do and appreciate doing it for you! As always, I'm just a phone call away at 866-801-0000 and would love to hear from you about how we are doing.

Be Safe with All Safe!

Alain Jamet,
Vice President

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