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June 18, 2021   |  All Safe News

June 2021 Newsletter

Sounds like a crazy question... right? Unfortunately, not so much anymore. As technology continues to evolve, so do the criminals! Helping protect your family and business from loss is what All Safe Technologies has been doing for over 2 decades. Our commitment is to remain steadfast in our efforts to be knowledgeable on the various threats that continue to arise around us all.

It is still a very real fact that that the common "bad guy" will look somewhere else when they determine the premise and occupants are protected by a security system. These are the crimes that are typically random in nature.
Unfortunately, just as we continue to find new ways to deter crime, the criminal is also becoming more educated on the various systems and the ways to circumvent their intent. Many have a specific target in mind, and they know the differences in the technologies and layers of protection a professionally installed system provides, vs the self-installed alternatives.

As you are likely aware, cyber-crime is on the rise and it does not appear to be going away any time soon. Since much of our lives involve the use of IOT (internet of things), our job is to provide you with economical solutions that provide the highest level of security, while still offering the ease of access to various home and business automation services. We work closely with our partners at to ensure the reliability of our services and protection of user data. Here are just a few ways we put action behind these words:

Encrypted sensor technology
Dedicated, encrypted cellular communication channels
Required user authentication
Fully redundant data and monitoring centers
Users can receive alerts for suspicious activity
Mobile access eliminates physical key fob vulnerability
Crash and Smash detection to prevent tampering methods
Use of 2-factor authentication

Please check the pdf below to view a complete list of tips on creating strong passwords.

You have made it a priority to keep your family safe and to protect your business from the threat of loss. Thank you for entrusting All Safe Technologies with this responsibility. We appreciate you and your business.

Be Safe With All Safe.


Alain Jamet, Vice-President

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