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June 23, 2023   |  All Safe News

July 2023 Newsletter

Is Your Home & Business Property Protected from Crime?

Not usually a question we ask ourselves... until it happens to someone we know.

We love our great state of Mississippi, but unfortunately, we're not isolated from the ever-increasing crime rates in the country. In fact, the chances of becoming a victim of property crime in this state is 1 out of 56. Another interesting tidbit of information is that homes and businesses without security features are three times more likely to be broken into.

Like it or not, there will always be a need to protect people, places, and things from those in our society seeking to bring harm and attempt to derail our future. Our challenge is to stay ahead of them and to mitigate the possibilities of it happening to you and your loved ones.
If you are reading this, it's likely you currently have security or life safety services with All Safe Technologies. We sincerely thank you for trusting in us with this very important choice.

We take our business very seriously and feel it's a great time to reinforce a few important points regarding your system and services.

Do you have yard signs or decals that are worn out and require replacement? Fresh yard signs and decals placed in conspicuous locations on your property are a simple way to point the bad guy in another direction. If you need to replace either the decals, or the yard sign please give us a call and we'll make the necessary arrangements to get them to you. There is never a charge for this.

Using your security system all the time is important. It's easy to get complacent and forget the reason you chose to protect your property in the first place. The investment and forethought used when you originally purchased is now more important than ever.

Have you tested your system lately? Although almost all the systems installed over the past decade or so will let you know when a device is failing, trouble messages are often either overlooked or ignored. Testing your systems signaling to the monitoring center is a critical aspect to ensure the communications pathway is unobstructed. Please test it regularly and contact us if you have any questions regarding error messages or how to test your system.

Legacy phone lines (POTS) are a thing of the past. Almost every security system we've installed over the past 20 years has since been upgraded to utilize an internet/cellular communicator. This method is far superior from a security perspective and provides a more feature rich system interaction. Remote arm/disarm, video integration and automation via your cellular phone are just the beginning. We do, however, still have some customers who have not made this transition. For those who haven't, we've made several attempts to discuss why it's very possible your system will not communicate to the monitoring center when necessary. Please contact our office if you are unsure what technology your system uses to communicate.

Life Safety/Fire Detection system guidelines are provided via National Standards and governed by the State Fire Marshall and Local Jurisdiction. Installation, Dual Path Monitoring, Regular Maintenance, and Inspections are all required to ensure occupants are aware and able to evacuate if necessary. We are licensed to perform all of the above and would love to perform these services for your premises. Although we do monitor many fire systems in our service geography, we are not always the company who performs the repair or inspections on these same systems. Please contact our office and ask about our repair and inspection services. It's very likely you'll find that we can save you money when bundling through All Safe Technologies... a single source provider.

We continue to grow through word of mouth. We understand that to ask for reviews and referrals, we must live up to our word. The entire team at All Safe Technologies will always strive to exceed your expectations. If for any reason we don't, please contact our office or me directly at 850-575-9550. If you are happy with our services, please refer us to a family member, friend, neighbor, or business associate. You'll get credit on your monitoring if they purchase and help them stay ahead of the bad guy!

Thank you for your business and hope you enjoy a safe summer season.

Alain Jamet, Vice President

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