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December 21, 2023   |  All Safe News

January 2024 Newsletter

Ever wonder why when looking to purchase a product or researching service providers you'll find pricing that's drastically different? If you are like me, you'll find yourself on a mission attempting to determine why. Is it quality, is it creative price structuring, or is it just possible that someone is advertising a ridiculously high (or even low) price?

Product purchases can be a bit easier, as you can usually gather enough facts to make an apples-to-apples comparison on your own. Service providers on the other hand require a bit more diligence. These decisions require a clear parallel between your expectations and their ability to meet them. Yes, price is almost always the primary determining factor, but how does the value fit into your decision making? Providing value is defined as... "helping someone or an organization meet their goals in a measurable way". This basically translates into saving or obtaining Time, Information, Expertise or Connections. Any or all these factors should play an important role when choosing a service provider. Next, and probably the most important step is to check reviews, talk to friends, neighbors, or relatives for recommendations.

The adage "Beware of the Small Print" is just as true now as in the past. The print is only small because the supplier does not want to call attention to what it says. Oddly, and almost without exception, a low price is presented in the largest of fonts.

By now, you might be asking yourself why I'm going down this rabbit hole. Simply put, I spend a good bit of time looking at other Security and Automation business offerings to better understand our competitive advantage. To do this, I pull out the microscope or pause my TV and read that small print. Once read, it becomes clear how they do it. It's all based on conditions that the provider has set for you. In fact, in some cases you may not even own the equipment you think you purchased!

At All Safe Technologies, we don't set the conditions. It's our job to listen to your needs and find the solutions that meet your conditions. We will not waste your time by throwing out a low price to get your attention and then start adding on cost to finally and hopefully get close to your expectations. We won't provide a system price over the phone, only because we know that securing your family and business should be customized and personalized. The product and designs are carefully chosen based on what you've conveyed best fits your needs and budget.

Speaking of budgets, please take a moment to review the pdf below to get a feel for some of the service plans we offer. These plans allow you to better budget expenses for those unexpected repairs at a reduced cost. As systems age, they may require a bit more attention to stay in the best working order and ensure reliability when needed most.

It's that wonderful time of year when the weather gets crisp, families gather, and more packages arrive. Please take a couple minutes to test your systems and ensure everything is in proper operational condition, which includes testing your monitored smoke detectors. Many people are unaware that smoke detectors have a maximum life span of 10 years. They may appear to work properly, but the chambers that detect smoke get dirty over time, much like glass gets foggy or dirty from the air around it. We understand you may be busy with other things and are happy to handle this for you.

Our business depends on your satisfaction and would very much appreciate you sharing your experience with All Safe Technologies by leaving us a review. Please take a moment to check the link in the 'Contact' section on the menu bar and let us know how we're doing.

From the entire staff at All Safe Technologies, we would like to wish you a safe, peaceful, and blessed holiday season. We thank you for your business and hope 2024 brings all that you desire. Be Safe With All Safe.

Alain Jamet, Vice-President

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