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March 22, 2024   |  All Safe News

April 2024 Newsletter

The beauty of technology is that it continues to shape how we live our lives and, in many ways, transforms our culture. We are all so very fortunate to live in a country that provides opportunity for all that embrace these changes, and actively seek out solutions for our everyday challenges.

One very specific form of technology is evolving at a break-neck pace and being introduced to society in a big way. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding its way into our world in ways that many of us find hard to wrap our minds around. Of course, our human instinct also tends to fear those things we don't completely understand. It's clear, this technology must be harnessed in ways that allow us to control its results and ensure those in development are using it for only good causes.

A simple example of this would be when smart phones were first introduced back in the early 1990's. No question, these devices have transformed our lives in ways that nobody could have imagined. Fast forward a few decades and we can now weigh in on the "Better and Worse" resulting from this awesome innovation.

Many years ago, the introduction of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), was deemed breakthrough technology that allowed video footage from a camera to be transmitted to an on-site video monitor. This either required someone to view a monitor constantly to act upon a real-time event, or more typically, afterwards through a recording device. The bar was then raised with the advent of the internet, allowing for off-site surveillance. This still required a human to view the video and act upon what they saw.

In the not-so-distant past, video technology once again evolved with the ability to identify when something entered the camera's field of view and notify the user or third party upon the occurrence. Yes, a big advancement, but commonly causing constant and needless notifications. A more recent breakthrough was the system's ability to identify what type of object entered a predefined portion of the camera's view and even identify the direction. Problem solved, right?

No doubt, the security industry has and will continue to embrace AI as a tool to help us proactively prevent a negative outcome vs. detecting the event during or after the fact.

Through self-learning, video, access, and audio technologies are making major strides by notifying or alerting you, designated person(s) or law enforcement when an event occurs that is out of the ordinary. Seconds count in many scenarios and this is a game changer!

Consider just a couple of use cases for a business such as aggressive behavior through words or movement, gun detection, loitering, occupancy or customer counting, customers standing in lines for longer than you would like, vehicles speeding through a parking area, or sitting in the same spot for longer than permitted. The possibilities are plentiful, with just as many options for your home from a security, automation, or energy savings standpoint.

We have a great customized solution for any business that utilizes guards after business hours. If so, contact us and let us show you how to save thousands of dollars per month without the need for having to replace existing cameras or deal with human limitations.

At All Safe Technologies, we are committed to educating ourselves and our customers with the newest, but vigorously tested solutions available. It's our job to help you determine the most cost-effective alternatives, based on your family or business needs. Our goal is to keep it simple and operable for many years to come.

I always appreciate hearing about how we're doing from our customers, so please give us a review at the link on our page. I'm also only a phone call away if you'd prefer to speak with me directly. We are a local small business that loves to grow through happy customers, via your referrals. In return, we'll be happy to provide your account with a credit when they select All Safe Technologies as their security and life safety systems provider.

I thank you for your business and hope you enjoy the beautiful spring weather that's right around the corner.

Be Safe With All Safe.

Alain Jamet, Vice-President

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