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The next frontier in efficient company management is building automation. These systems from All Safe enable you to take full control of your business and make sure your operations are running at peak efficiency. Our cutting edge control systems offer a variety of benefits: manage your lighting for peak efficiency, have unneeded systems: audio, video, lighting, networks, etc. taken offline when not in use.  Manage your conference rooms and meeting rooms: constantly monitored for maximum efficiency. 

Our systems offer a variety of benefits: Turn your conference rooms into state of the art smart rooms by having control over elements such as lighting, blinds, air conditioning, video-conferencing and video projectors! Keep your business safe with our alarm and security systems that will alert you to any changes or potential risks from any smart phone, tablet or computer so that every night you can rest assured of your business’ ongoing safety. Our technicians are highly trained and install all equipment seamlessly and with its users in mind so that everything runs smoothly and is easy to use.

All of our building automation systems can be accessed and controlled with any smart device meaning that you can keep an eye on the office even when you are not there. The simplicity of our systems mean that they are easy to use and implement into your daily work life, and save you time overall. Making your office work smarter will help your employees increase their productivity.

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